Choosing The Best Video Drone


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Camera drones have been very popular lately with electronic gadget consumers. This is probably because of the ever improving quality of pictures and videos that you can take from these gadgets. With the camera technology improving vastly just in a few months, manufacturers are able to incorporate better cameras in to their drones. Herein is where the problem lies. As a consumer, how are you able to distinguish which camera drones have the best resolution? Well, the answer is simple! Do your diligence and research. Lots of sites review camera drones and should give you a good idea which ones to go for, provided that they give honest reviews. I like the drone camera definition at cameradojo since it gives me a clear idea of what I need.


So, here are a few drones to look out for if you are shopping for one.

  1. DJI Phantom 3 Advanced – DJI, the most popular brand of commercial drones has made a masterpiece with this one. It features a 12 megapixel camera built-in that is capable of shooting 2.7K resolution videos.
  2. Parrot BeBop 2 – It is able to shoot videos at a very wide angle of 170 degrees. Aside from that, it records Full HD videos at 1080p. And the best part is, it isn’t expensive.
  3. DJI Phantom Inspire 1 – True to its repertoire, the Phantom Inspire 1 is another quality product from DJI. It is capable of taking videos at 4K resolution.
  4. Blade Chroma 4K – A mid-range camera capable of taking videos at 4K resolution. It is pretty popular among hobbyists.

As I’ve said above, I like the drone camera definition at cameradojo because it helped me choose the right drone when I was shopping for one. So, if you are looking for a buying guide, honest reviews and basically anything photography related, check out It is one of the most useful sites for photographers out on the internet today.

Loving These Wedding Presets from Sleeklens

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  • Wedding photos after your own heart with some help from these presets from Sleeklens

I have edited wedding photos for quite some time now. I love doing some editing with these wedding pictures because there’s always that challenge of ornamenting these already beautiful images.


Not every day that I get to edit or enhance wedding photos. And if I do, I always use the best tools for it. I love Sleeklens wedding presets because it is the only photo editing tool that brings out the inner beauty of these wedding pictures.

I have been using Sleeklens tools since it first came out on the market, and, I love Sleeklens wedding presets because I have been receiving a bunch of positive comments from my clients that the tools I did use for their wedding photos has generated a lot of interest from their friends and families.

Variety is probably the single most important benefit you can get from Sleeklens. They have these collections of presets to choose from for you to create some effects on your wedding pictures. And because there’s so many of them, you can experiment to your heart’s content the style you want to project. I love Sleeklens wedding presets because it makes emphasis on variety above all else.

And you can make an album out of it. This will keep the interest of your customers because you are capable of churning out tons of effects on these wedding images, courtesy of these wedding presets. I love Sleeklens wedding presets; it is my secret weapon for me to cater to the demands of my clients.

For more of these wedding presets, just click this link right now,, and make these wedding photos so awesome, to start with.

The Value of Adding Presets to Lightroom 5

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  • Cool apps to incorporate in your photo images
  • A collection of free presets for Lightroom

Although there are tutorials that you can follow when you add presets to Lightroom 5, it would be helpful if we can discuss a few matters about the importance of these presets.


The question of how to add presets to lightroom 5 is best answered if you can appreciate the value of these presets to your photo images. Adding a preset is quite simple, here’s a quick take:

  • First, you need to download presets
  • Then locate and uncompress these files
  • After which, you open Lightroom
  • Open Lightroom
  • Then locate the menu bar, Lightroom > Preferences for Mac, and Edit > Preferences for Windows.
  • Select presets tab when the (Preferences) box appears
  • Click “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…”
  • Then open the Lightroom folder, followed by the Develop Presets folder.
  • Copy and paste presets (to folder)
  • Restart Lightroom

More than the how to, however, presets bring in that edge that is absent with other photos. With so many presets to choose from online, it is only a matter of time before you can come up with your own unique effect, whether a film-inspired one or a black and white masterpiece.

But it’s great if you know how to add presets to lightroom 5. Lightroom 5, nevertheless, is now making good raves from photographers because it allows them to experiment with their photos without altering its organic or original image.

Presets enables you to develop and enhance your images the way you wanted it to be, and knowing how to add presets to lightroom 5 is simply a thing for every photographer for them to make some noise in the photography scene.

Reviews from The Best Landscape Photographers

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Some photographers are reluctant to share about photo editing or even what constitutes a good photo. Others, though, are more than willing to share some tips on how to enhance these images, thereby making it easy for would-be photographers in the process. But in this site, you can checkout the best landscape photographers review here.

Image result for landscape photography

Landscape photography is not only popular among bloggers, it is also a thing for social media users. Many find it a joy to post outdoors pictures on social media, arguing most of the time that it is a respite from the overused “selfies” that dominate social media lately. But if you can checkout the best landscape photographers review here, so will soon realize that having these landscapes are indeed refreshing as part of your photography.

These photographers are the best in their field. Most of them, in fact, produce great landscapes on a daily basis. So, it goes without saying that what they talked about in these reviews are quite valuable as far as enhancing your own workflow every time you edit your landscapes.

You can expect the best out of these reviews. There’s no room for mediocre images in here, only quality photos, photos that are works of knowledgeable landscape photographers, complete with the necessary gadgets such as tripods or drones for them to accentuate their photo angles.

Nevertheless, it is always an advantage every time you checkout the best landscape photographers review here. They are not at all hesitant to share anything about landscape photography. All they care about is for you to improve your workflow, so that many can still see landscape photos that are so cool and refreshing to the eyes.

Why Presets For Lightroom Is Important Using Lightroom


  • Why get presets
  • How it affects your workflow

I have been using Lightroom for several years now and I have always thought that downloading and using presets made by other people was just cheap and unprofessional. For several years, that was my frame of mind, until it changed. In my opinion, this feature of Lightroom was developed in order for the user to build a collection of images that have different filters and to speed up the user’s workflow. But we’ll talk more about workflows later. What changed my mind are basically the ever increasing and changing demands of photography today.


You see, photo post processing software like Lightroom were developed for a reason and not taking advantage of the full features of Lightroom(which includes importing presets) is just defeating the purpose of the software. Refusal to use presets because it feels like cheating is basically saying that you can’t use a calculator when doing computations. Presets are there to be taken advantage of. Now it is up to you on how to use it.

Ever since I shifted from being a hobbyist into a photographer that has to earn an income, I have found presets to be very very useful especially when there are a lot of job orders that I need to finish. This usually happens in June when there are a lot of bookings for weddings. When the number of photos that need to be edited piles up, this is where presets shine because you can easily process images. So, this effectively cuts down the completion time of your workflow for more than half. That is why I make it a point to download lightroom preset bundle free of charge. It is just a practical solution to a problem.

It is also important that you use presets wisely because not all presets can be applied to any photo. So you have to use that lightroom preset bundle free of charge that you’ve downloaded from a site wisely.

The Benefits of Using Action Cameras

  • Action cameras perfect for your landscape and outdoor photography
  • Photo images that has that 3D quality, courtesy of these action cameras
  • Affordable action cameras you can get online for your outdoor pictures

Photography as an art is quite intricate. Sometimes you need a sophisticated gadget for you to capture the exact blend or mixture of elements when enhancing your pictures. But if you are using action cameras for your photography, then that would be a start for a more complete photography experience.


Action cameras bring out that interactive feel. You produce photo images that are not flat at all, that they have that 3D effect as soon as they are developed. These cameras, though, work well with outdoor activities, because they are capable of capturing movements without altering the image.

So if you are into landscape photography, you might want to tack these action cameras on, and generate as many interactive pictures as you want. No need to concern yourself with moving objects because these cameras can capture them in their movement without any blurry effect.

Now, there are a bunch of action cameras you can get online. Most of them have special features on it, like adjusting its light, color and even the texture of a particular scene. These cameras are so unique in that they can capture scenes that are so impossible to do with ordinary cameras, as in the case of rain or a storm.

So scour the web now and choose among these great action cameras for your outdoor photography. Make the most of these beautiful scenes outside, courtesy of your unique camera. You will soon find out that using the appropriate gadget for your photography matters a lot, in terms of quality and productivity. Get that action camera right now, and have that ultimate photography experience from now on.

That Vintage Take of Your Wedding Photos

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  • A list of presets that enhances your wedding photos in a variety of ways
  • Editing photos without altering its original image through Lightroom presets

Are you tired of taking wedding pics with the same style all year round? If that is the case, you might want to consider these Lightroom presets wedding vintage from now on.

Not because you are running out of style, though, but you wanted something different. You want to make the experience of your viewers every time they see your wedding pics with more intensity. And these Lightroom presets wedding vintage carries the day for you, because it is one of Lightroom’s fascinating presets, where you get to enhance your wedding photos with a touch of authenticity.


These Lightroom presets wedding vintage is unlike any preset you have encountered before. It allows you to adjust the texture of your photo with that atmosphere of years past without actually altering the original aura of your image. It is so unique a preset because you get to post a new photo with a rather old take to it.

That is how awesome and flexible these Lightroom presets wedding vintage are. You can’t possibly find this kind of effect with other photo enhancing apps because all they can do is either increase the color or tone down its light. That is more or less short-changing your photo image.

With these presets, though, you make your wedding photos more interesting by presenting it as if it has been taken years back but with a new sense of life in it. You do not see an old photo; you simply see a new photo with an old, vintage twist.

So what are you waiting for? Get these Lightroom presets wedding vintage now and experiment it with your photos. And you will see the effect it can give to your friends and family, one that would put an awe to their faces and at the same time wonder at its beautiful outcome. Only with that type of wedding presets you can achieve that sort of effect on your photo.

The Perks of Using Adobe Lightroom Landscape Presets

  • Lightroom beta version was first launched in 2006
  • Lightroom can modify hundreds or even thousands of photographs
  • Users can either create their own collections of presets or download bundles of Lightroom winter presets

It doesn’t matter if you have been in the photography industry for several years now. What matters most is how you understand everything, from using a digital camera to using post processing tools. It is important that you know how to modify and manage your images properly. This article will give you information about some of the best perks of using Lightroom landscape presets to your images.

bTo begin with, let’s define Lightroom so that we can understand why most photographers are so into it nowadays. The program’s beta version was launched in 2006, but then there were several bug issues appeared on Lightroom’s interface. Adobe decided to do something about it to improve its performance and features. In 2007, Adobe has finally decided to release the first full version of Lightroom and along with it, they defined the program as the program intended for professional photographers.

Through the years of service, Lightroom has become the one of the most powerful and reliable post processing tools in the industry. If you ask random photographers about why they choose Lightroom over other tools, they would all answer the same; Lightroom helps them save a lot of time in editing tons of images.

With Lightroom’s ability to create presets or filtered images, they can modify hundreds or even thousands of photographs in a day since they can apply a certain preset, for example, Lightroom winter presets, to images in just a few and simple clicks.

Moreover, photographers, designers, and other artists can play with presets. They can either create their own collections of presets or download bundles of Lightroom winter presets for raw images online. There are several sites that offer free or paid products, make sure to choose the best bundles.

Is Lightroom an Altertnative to Adobe Photoshop?

hhhWhen Adobe released Lightroom in 2006, there were a lot of talks and discussions about Lightroom an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. However, professional photographers do not agree to what other users since for them both programs have its own unique set of features and services. Moreover, experts says that adobe Lightroom is a tool which aims to provide assistance to photographers for them to save time and effort in modifying hundreds of images while Adobe Photoshop is a tool for technical and major image editing.

Adobe Lightroom is known for its ability to create lightroom presets for portraits. In addition, it has a lot of  great editing features such as the ability to work well with JPEG and RAW files, create video and image slideshows, organize images into one collection in the library module and more. The program is also a non-destructive tool which preserves the original setting of the image from the camera. Moreover, Lightroom presets can be applied to one or more images at once and can be used anytime.

Lightroom presets for portraits can be used for certain portrait images. Users can modify and adjust the settings if they want to since presets are reusabe and modifiable.

Adobe Lightroom will never replace nor be an alternative to Photoshop since they have their own respective strengths and weaknesses. Lightroom may be the best photo editing tools for professional photographers, but they will still need the services of Adobe Photoshop.

Introducing the Adobe Lightroom Preset

LR 15Since Adobe Lightroom Presets came out in the market, many are going gaga about it. It is by far the best thing that happened to your photos since the invention of the camera.

Perhaps let us highlight some of the best Adobe Lightroom Presets available online, and experience such beauty when applied to your photos.

Grainy Matte Lightroom Preset

Having grains on your photo is not-so a bad concept after all. This is great for close ups because it gives a unique texture on your face. And mind you, you look fresh with Grainy Matte.

Free Color Pop Lightroom Preset

A suitable preset for those young girls who like the latest trends in fashion. You would normally see this type of color structure and presentation on those photos published on teenage magazines.

Aged Black and White Print Preset

If you want to present yourself a la Norman Rockwell, this is the preset for that. Turning your casual pictures into classic black and white photos can be a thing of classical beauty.

Warm Fog Lightroom Preset

For those morning people, Warm Fog brings out the exact expression every morning.  It also gives you that vintage look which can bring out the character to your image. It’s warm and foggy, and it looks so reassuring, too.

Caramel Lightroom Preset

If you are into album covers, this Adobe Lightroom Preset fine tunes everything in it. Not only it sounds like coffee, it also emphasizes distinct expressions and authentic gestures on your photo.

Fall Colors Lightroom Preset

Want a faraway look on your photo? No problem. Lightroom has that effect, too, for your favorite season. Fall brings nostalgia to everybody. And you can have that same nostalgia on your photo while reminiscing when you took it.

Faux HDR Lightroom Preset

This is a preset for portraits. It is as if you are actually in front of a person, where you could see certain features on his face that are in some ways fuzzy when looked upon with a naked eye.

Adobe Lightroom Presets, without question, is the ideal tool for the enhancement of your photos. At times, you simply can’t imagine your image without it.

Creating Slideshow in Lightroom

LR2A few years ago, when our technology hasn’t evolved, we were used to making simple slideshows for our friends and families to see our photographs with them. We were also used to make slideshows using movie maker program which requires a big screen and a projector. And for us to see the images clearly, we need to darken the room.

Fortunately, in today’s time, a lot of things have changed. We can now create slideshows of images easily with the use of image processing program such as Lightroom. Projectors and big screens are still there, but not for slideshow purposes. Lightroom contains features that can make slideshow the easiest way.  It can create and edit simple slideshows within the program.

In this article, we will show you the simplest way on how to create a slideshow of images in Lightroom.

Creating Slideshow in Lightroom

It is a big help if you create a new set of image collection for you to make your own customized slideshow. Once you’re done in making a collection folder, go to the slideshow module of the program. You will see a lot of options for slideshow making.

Start creating your own slideshow by importing images and selecting a theme for the show. Once you’re done in making your slideshow, click saved slideshow button located at the top of the interface. From this point, you will see the preview of your customized slideshow. Slideshows are automatically saved in Lightroom, so you will not worry about losing it and creating a new one.  If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can always edit it until it’s perfect. Don’t forget to give your slideshow a name in the slideshow module.


Hopefully, this article has given you all the right information and ideas on how to create a slideshow in Lightroom. If you have some time, take all the time to explore the slideshow features in Lightroom to learn new options to add in your slideshow. You can also check and see more tutorials over at sleeklens for Lightroom.


The Ideal Computer for working with Lightroom

The majority of people who work with Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom presets do so from their computers, the rest of them do it on their mobile devices. Your computer has got to have certain features in order for you to enjoy working on it using Lightroom and so that it helps speed up the work that you do. In order to make your work easier and faster, the computer you choose has to have a good screen/monitor, Hard drive, RAM and CPU.

Your Screen or Monitor

Color calibration is one of the most important things to keep an eye out for when working with Adobe Lightroom. This is because a single mishap can make your photos look a completely different way from what you intended. In order to ensure that you are seeing colors the best way possible and that the photographs you create will have the rich color profile you intended them to have, you ought to have a good, clear and preferably HD screen.

The screen should also be easy to calibrate. This is so that you are able to ensure it is as color-correct as possible.

The Hard Drive

A lot of people think that any hard drive will do when working with a computer. If you are looking for plain storage, then any hard drive will do. If you are looking for a computer that will be a workhorse for you, then you have to get hard drives with very high read and write speeds. Remember that when working with Adobe Lighroom or when creating your Lightroom presets, you will be reading and writing a lot of data to your hardrives.

If the write speeds of your hard drives are low, then you will have to wait for up to a few seconds for the photographs, edits and changes to be saved. If the read speeds are low still, you will have to wait for up to a few seconds for Lightroom to open your sports cameras images. This brings us to the RAM because when you are waiting for your images to be saved, they will be held in your RAM.


The RAM is random access memory that “stores” the information or data you are working on before you commit, i.e save, it to your hard drive. There are two things that you ought to look at when getting RAM for your computer, RAM speed and capacity.


The speed of a RAM stick determines how fast it can retrieve the information you that need to work on. Remember that your RAM is the first step of storage and if it has low speeds, you will have a problem when working with open images and photographs. This is because there will be a bottleneck on the saving and retrieve of the data you need.

Secondly, your RAM has to have enough capacity to hold all the data you are working on. If you open lots of images on your computer, you will need all of them to be held by the RAM. If the RAM does not have enough capacity to hold all of this data, then you will see a slowing down of your computer.


This is arguably the most important part of your computer. The CPU is the part of your computer that computes all the data you have, saving it, controlling other hardware as well as software and helping store all the data you work on. A powerful CPU helps especially when it comes to rendering the images you are working on and converting RAW images to JPEG.

As you can see, you need a relatively powerful CPU if you are looking to work smoothly on your Lightroom presets without any slowing down or bottlenecks.

Six Reasons To Like About Lightroom

LR41What is lightroom preset?

Basically, lightroom preset is a collection of edited or filtered images that can be applied on raw photographs. It could be black&white, sepia, vintage or other wonderful image designs. The program can be compared to instagram’s filtered images which enhances image in one click. However, lightroom can accommodate and modify thousands of images in at once. Now that we know a little about lightroom, the next thing we need to understand is why use the program?

Here’s a bunch of reasons why you need to use lightroom:

 Enhances your creativity skills

The reason why you are reading this blog article is that you want to develop your creativity skills in lightroom. You also want to use the program appropriately. You have to bear in mind that you have that skills to create wonderful things, it only needs guidance and support. With lightroom, everything will be easier for you. You don’t need to worry if you haven’t figured out your skills yet, lightroom will help you work on your images at once by using presets.

Increases links and connections

When it comes to capturing and editing pictures, photographers have different styles and ideas. Each of them produces unique shots and designs. With adobe lightroom, you have the opportunity to meet other colleagues or with the same hobby/profession. You can ask some significant tips from them and share your ideas in photography too. For example, you posted your preset collections on Flikr or other social media sites; it will make it easier for you to be discovered by other group of photographers.

Huge chance to get noticed

Generally, there are a lot of uploaded filtered or edited images online; most of it was created from lightroom. With lightroom preset, there is a big probability that one of your precious preset collections will get credits and noticed by many. check Lightroom Brasils article out through this link.

Preserves original copy

Good thing about lightroom is that it is a non-destructive program that preserves the original pixel settings of the images. This means that you can still enjoy the natural settings of the preserved images.

If you are one of those talented photographers who love to create a lot of beautiful images, then lightroom presets is what you are looking for. Creating a lightroom preset in the develop module will be as easy as enhancing its lighting.

Whatever your ideas and style is, if you continue to use lightroom, you should take more time in exploring the wonders of presets. Whether you use them for personal or work purposes, create more presets to enhance your skills. Moreover, you can also share your styles to other photographers so that you can gain more connections.

The Advantages of Lightroom Presets

pic5Lightroom presets have a lot of advantages, you can edit your photo whatever you want and the editing process is very quick and easy. I used the different Lightroom presets for my photographs, and one of my favorite Lightroom preset ever is the “Lightroom presets wedding”, it gives me everything I need professionally process images.This Lightroom Presets Collection contains professional, clean, color-enhancing presets that are specialized for wedding photography. This presetcan enhance and adds more beautiful colors to pictures and make photo look stunning.

With Lightroom preset, I can edit my photos very fast without no hustle and I spend more time taking photographs.Before we proceed to the advantages of Lightroom presets, let me define you what Lightroom presets are.

Lightroom presets can be the most powerful and awesome ally in making your workflow travel at the speed of light. Below are some of the advantages of Lightroom presets:

The first advantage of Lightroom preset is that you can “save your time”. You can take more photographs rather than editing photos in front of your computer.They make the processing easier, quicker and most of all is more effective.

Lightroom presets are user friendly; they are easy to use for a beginner, or even for amateur or pro. They have a lot of settings that you may choose whatever style or color you want to your photos.  Also, they can make your photographs and template for resume look beautiful even you’re not professional.

The most I love about Lightroom presets are they work for all different types of seasons such as summer, autumn, winter, and spring photographs.  I love taking photographs in every season and I don’t have anything to worry because Lightroom presets will surely help me.

Also, Lightroom presets can get the best out of your photographs. They take your photographs from great, to professional.

If you’re not using Lightroom presets yet, the above advantages are very helpful for you to know and decide that you should really use Lightroom presets today.

The Best Features in Lightroom

aug6Lightroom presets can enhance a single image or an entire batch of photos with just a click of your mouse. Also, it helps you speed up your workflow and even keep your photos gorgeous and organized.

Below are the best features in Lightroom.

#1: The first best feature in Lightroom is the “easy to crop images”. Using the Lightroom tools, you can simply crop photos to any aspect ratio. You can easily click and drag along any vertical or horizontal line and your image will immediately be rotated and crop.

#2: Presets Lightroom allows you to easily save configurations of the adjustments sliders in the “Develop Module”. They can save your time with your processing. You can make a wide variety of presets to save time and quickly experiment with different looks. In addition, presets Lightroom can help you develop style and can create your images more consistent look.

#3: Presets have an adjustment tools, and one of the tools is the “Graduated Filter” – Introduce gradient-type effects to your image. Another tool is the “Post-crop vignette” – produce natural looking vignettes to help you draw your viewer’s eye towards the centre of the image.

#4: With the “Quick Develop Panel” you can batch process and apply presets to multiple images at once. And by roughly batch processing your images using “Quick Develop Panel”, you can definitely save your time.

#5: When you’re editing, you don’t need to worry that you’re damaging the original file. When you make adjustments to an image Lightroom basically creates a set of instructions. Lightroom will protect your original files.

#6: Lightroom is an awesome RAW file editor. When shooting in the RAW format it is easy to correct exposure and white balance in Lightroom. And with Lightroom you can easily transfer adjustments settings from one image to another in just a single click. Lightroom allows you get creative and saves your time. And with Lightroom it can help you create better photos and spend more time shooting.

Adobe Lightroom is also the same with Photoshop wherein users can get more free photoshop actions for photographers online.

A year 2015 comparison of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Photoshop has been the reining king among the various image editing tools from the 1990s. The word “Photoshop” has become so popular in today’s society that even a kid knows Photoshop means to digitally alter an image. This is how popular the software is among the professional as well as the amateur photographers in the world. In fact, it is the first choice among anyone, who wants to edit an image. Then came the new contender, Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom was released by the same company in 2007. Now there really is a battle for supremacy between these two image editing software. This article highlights the advantages and disadvantages between Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

A breakdown of Photoshop

Photoshop is a pixel based image editor. Pixels are the tiny dots that make up an image. You have unlimited control when editing an image in Photoshop. You can edit the photo starting right from the pixel level with this software. The software is great for retouching aspects. You can reduce blemishes, get rid of stray hair, remove garbage and even whiten teeth of a photograph thanks to Photoshop. Photoshop offers the ability to work on the principle of layers. You can create layers of different adjustments and control their opacity through Photoshop.

Photoshop has a wide selection of tools in its toolbox. There is a tool for all image editing purposes in Photoshop. The software is able to blend multiple images together in order to produce a single photo. This is known as High Dynamic Range (HDR). The Content Aware Fill is another salient feature available in Photoshop. This feature can be used in removing distracting elements from photos. It can also be used to extend the image further. These are some of the major advantages of Photoshop.

Some of the notable disadvantages of Photoshop includes the steep learning curve, not being a RAW file editor, not workflow centric and the software is fairly expensive. The software costs close upon $700, which is quite expensive to the average buyer. The inability to edit RAW files straight from the camera is another disadvantage of the software.

Adobe Lightroom picked apart

Lightroom presets from Sleeklens allows the photographer to work on their images from importing them directly from the camera. It allows to edit RAW files. You can import the image from the camera, process, edit, sort, export and share on the web by using Adobe Lightroom. It is a workflow centric software compared to Photoshop and is superior when editing the light or shadow on a portrait for instance. The software helps in dealing with a large quantity of images at any given time. Lightroom doesn’t come with a steep learning curve, and is easy to learn. The software costs around $300, which is quite affordable compared to Photoshop. Here’s a quick guide on how to install adobe lightroom:

Disadvantages Of Lightroom

Advanced retouching is not possible using Lightroom. Simple retouching projects are possible using the software. Lightroom is designed to edit photos only whereas Photoshop can edit a wide variety of image formats. Advanced image manipulation such as pixel level editing is not possible with Lightroom.

The aforementioned are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Photoshop vs. Lightroom.