Creating Slideshow in Lightroom

LR2A few years ago, when our technology hasn’t evolved, we were used to making simple slideshows for our friends and families to see our photographs with them. We were also used to make slideshows using movie maker program which requires a big screen and a projector. And for us to see the images clearly, we need to darken the room.

Fortunately, in today’s time, a lot of things have changed. We can now create slideshows of images easily with the use of image processing program such as Lightroom. Projectors and big screens are still there, but not for slideshow purposes. Lightroom contains features that can make slideshow the easiest way.  It can create and edit simple slideshows within the program.

In this article, we will show you the simplest way on how to create a slideshow of images in Lightroom.

Creating Slideshow in Lightroom

It is a big help if you create a new set of image collection for you to make your own customized slideshow. Once you’re done in making a collection folder, go to the slideshow module of the program. You will see a lot of options for slideshow making.

Start creating your own slideshow by importing images and selecting a theme for the show. Once you’re done in making your slideshow, click saved slideshow button located at the top of the interface. From this point, you will see the preview of your customized slideshow. Slideshows are automatically saved in Lightroom, so you will not worry about losing it and creating a new one.  If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can always edit it until it’s perfect. Don’t forget to give your slideshow a name in the slideshow module.


Hopefully, this article has given you all the right information and ideas on how to create a slideshow in Lightroom. If you have some time, take all the time to explore the slideshow features in Lightroom to learn new options to add in your slideshow. You can also check and see more tutorials over at sleeklens for Lightroom.