Introducing the Adobe Lightroom Preset

LR 15Since Adobe Lightroom Presets came out in the market, many are going gaga about it. It is by far the best thing that happened to your photos since the invention of the camera.

Perhaps let us highlight some of the best Adobe Lightroom Presets available online, and experience such beauty when applied to your photos.

Grainy Matte Lightroom Preset

Having grains on your photo is not-so a bad concept after all. This is great for close ups because it gives a unique texture on your face. And mind you, you look fresh with Grainy Matte.

Free Color Pop Lightroom Preset

A suitable preset for those young girls who like the latest trends in fashion. You would normally see this type of color structure and presentation on those photos published on teenage magazines.

Aged Black and White Print Preset

If you want to present yourself a la Norman Rockwell, this is the preset for that. Turning your casual pictures into classic black and white photos can be a thing of classical beauty.

Warm Fog Lightroom Preset

For those morning people, Warm Fog brings out the exact expression every morning.  It also gives you that vintage look which can bring out the character to your image. It’s warm and foggy, and it looks so reassuring, too.

Caramel Lightroom Preset

If you are into album covers, this Adobe Lightroom Preset fine tunes everything in it. Not only it sounds like coffee, it also emphasizes distinct expressions and authentic gestures on your photo.

Fall Colors Lightroom Preset

Want a faraway look on your photo? No problem. Lightroom has that effect, too, for your favorite season. Fall brings nostalgia to everybody. And you can have that same nostalgia on your photo while reminiscing when you took it.

Faux HDR Lightroom Preset

This is a preset for portraits. It is as if you are actually in front of a person, where you could see certain features on his face that are in some ways fuzzy when looked upon with a naked eye.

Adobe Lightroom Presets, without question, is the ideal tool for the enhancement of your photos. At times, you simply can’t imagine your image without it.