Why Presets For Lightroom Is Important Using Lightroom


  • Why get presets
  • How it affects your workflow

I have been using Lightroom for several years now and I have always thought that downloading and using presets made by other people was just cheap and unprofessional. For several years, that was my frame of mind, until it changed. In my opinion, this feature of Lightroom was developed in order for the user to build a collection of images that have different filters and to speed up the user’s workflow. But we’ll talk more about workflows later. What changed my mind are basically the ever increasing and changing demands of photography today.


You see, photo post processing software like Lightroom were developed for a reason and not taking advantage of the full features of Lightroom(which includes importing presets) is just defeating the purpose of the software. Refusal to use presets because it feels like cheating is basically saying that you can’t use a calculator when doing computations. Presets are there to be taken advantage of. Now it is up to you on how to use it.

Ever since I shifted from being a hobbyist into a photographer that has to earn an income, I have found presets to be very very useful especially when there are a lot of job orders that I need to finish. This usually happens in June when there are a lot of bookings for weddings. When the number of photos that need to be edited piles up, this is where presets shine because you can easily process images. So, this effectively cuts down the completion time of your workflow for more than half. That is why I make it a point to download lightroom preset bundle free of charge. It is just a practical solution to a problem.

It is also important that you use presets wisely because not all presets can be applied to any photo. So you have to use that lightroom preset bundle free of charge that you’ve downloaded from a site wisely.