The Best Features in Lightroom

aug6Lightroom presets can enhance a single image or an entire batch of photos with just a click of your mouse. Also, it helps you speed up your workflow and even keep your photos gorgeous and organized.

Below are the best features in Lightroom.

#1: The first best feature in Lightroom is the “easy to crop images”. Using the Lightroom tools, you can simply crop photos to any aspect ratio. You can easily click and drag along any vertical or horizontal line and your image will immediately be rotated and crop.

#2: Presets Lightroom allows you to easily save configurations of the adjustments sliders in the “Develop Module”. They can save your time with your processing. You can make a wide variety of presets to save time and quickly experiment with different looks. In addition, presets Lightroom can help you develop style and can create your images more consistent look.

#3: Presets have an adjustment tools, and one of the tools is the “Graduated Filter” – Introduce gradient-type effects to your image. Another tool is the “Post-crop vignette” – produce natural looking vignettes to help you draw your viewer’s eye towards the centre of the image.

#4: With the “Quick Develop Panel” you can batch process and apply presets to multiple images at once. And by roughly batch processing your images using “Quick Develop Panel”, you can definitely save your time.

#5: When you’re editing, you don’t need to worry that you’re damaging the original file. When you make adjustments to an image Lightroom basically creates a set of instructions. Lightroom will protect your original files.

#6: Lightroom is an awesome RAW file editor. When shooting in the RAW format it is easy to correct exposure and white balance in Lightroom. And with Lightroom you can easily transfer adjustments settings from one image to another in just a single click. Lightroom allows you get creative and saves your time. And with Lightroom it can help you create better photos and spend more time shooting.

Adobe Lightroom is also the same with Photoshop wherein users can get more free photoshop actions for photographers online.