The Ideal Computer for working with Lightroom

The majority of people who work with Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom presets do so from their computers, the rest of them do it on their mobile devices. Your computer has got to have certain features in order for you to enjoy working on it using Lightroom and so that it helps speed up the work that you do. In order to make your work easier and faster, the computer you choose has to have a good screen/monitor, Hard drive, RAM and CPU.

Your Screen or Monitor

Color calibration is one of the most important things to keep an eye out for when working with Adobe Lightroom. This is because a single mishap can make your photos look a completely different way from what you intended. In order to ensure that you are seeing colors the best way possible and that the photographs you create will have the rich color profile you intended them to have, you ought to have a good, clear and preferably HD screen.

The screen should also be easy to calibrate. This is so that you are able to ensure it is as color-correct as possible.

The Hard Drive

A lot of people think that any hard drive will do when working with a computer. If you are looking for plain storage, then any hard drive will do. If you are looking for a computer that will be a workhorse for you, then you have to get hard drives with very high read and write speeds. Remember that when working with Adobe Lighroom or when creating your Lightroom presets, you will be reading and writing a lot of data to your hardrives.

If the write speeds of your hard drives are low, then you will have to wait for up to a few seconds for the photographs, edits and changes to be saved. If the read speeds are low still, you will have to wait for up to a few seconds for Lightroom to open your sports cameras images. This brings us to the RAM because when you are waiting for your images to be saved, they will be held in your RAM.


The RAM is random access memory that “stores” the information or data you are working on before you commit, i.e save, it to your hard drive. There are two things that you ought to look at when getting RAM for your computer, RAM speed and capacity.


The speed of a RAM stick determines how fast it can retrieve the information you that need to work on. Remember that your RAM is the first step of storage and if it has low speeds, you will have a problem when working with open images and photographs. This is because there will be a bottleneck on the saving and retrieve of the data you need.

Secondly, your RAM has to have enough capacity to hold all the data you are working on. If you open lots of images on your computer, you will need all of them to be held by the RAM. If the RAM does not have enough capacity to hold all of this data, then you will see a slowing down of your computer.


This is arguably the most important part of your computer. The CPU is the part of your computer that computes all the data you have, saving it, controlling other hardware as well as software and helping store all the data you work on. A powerful CPU helps especially when it comes to rendering the images you are working on and converting RAW images to JPEG.

As you can see, you need a relatively powerful CPU if you are looking to work smoothly on your Lightroom presets without any slowing down or bottlenecks.