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What You Need To Know About Financial Freedom According To Christians

Financial pressure is not always a result of a lack of money. It is more of an attitude. Having the right attitude towards money will ensure you achieve financial freedom. God never said that material things are good nor bad. The attitude towards money is the beginning of problems. It is for this reason that Jesus used to warn his followers to protect their hearts against pride, ego, and greed. Most Christians are vulnerable when it comes to money. Keep reading to know how you can achieve financial freedom according to God’s plan.

Transferring ownership is one way for a Christian to get financial freedom. This is a hard step that God designated. If you are able to accomplish this step, everything else will fall into place. Christians are expected to transfer all possessions to Him. Don’t take this literally. It means that you do so by acts of faith by accepting that God owns everything you have. If you trust God with everything you have, He is able to change unhealthy habits that you may have. Keep in mind that God does not force us to follow His will. It is your responsibility as a Christian to keep His promises and in turn, He will provide for our every need.

The next step to achieve financial freedom as a Christian is to avoid debt. Self-discipline is key to getting out of debt and staying out of it. For a money management plan to work well, you need to have discipline in order to eliminate debt regardless of income. You can eliminate debt by developing a balanced budget that is realistic. You can do this by writing a plan of your expenditures and opening a savings account.

As a Christian, you need to establish a tithe in order to achieve financial freedom. It is vital for every Christian to give a certain portion to God as a way of honoring Him. You need to give a tenth of what you get from your finances. You also need to accept God’s provision. For Christian to have financial peace, they need to accept the provisions of God that is what He gives direction to our lives. Majority of Christian fall under the impression that God provides financially more in abundance of money. However, this is further from the truth.

There are times that God withholds financial abundance. This is in hope that how people will live on what He offers instead of being pressured by others and material possessions.

Another way to achieve financial freedom is by putting others first. Christians are encouraged to be hospitable towards one another by being good stewards. It is not the plan of God for us to be ahead at the expense of others. You also need to avoid indulgence as a Christian. The tendency to spend more than what one can afford is discouraged. Also, as a Christian, you should avoid making rash decisions such as impulse spending. Hasty decision lead to poverty. You need to pray to avoid such a trap. Every opportunity should be viewed as a chance to make extra income.

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