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Advantages of keeping literal chronicles
Chronicles are the things that happened in the past and are recorded in writing. There is a menu of the events from the first to the last. These writings are most of what a person mostly the one who is writing witnessed or understood. This style of writing is not limited to the people who write nonfictional but also for the once who write fiction as well. When it comes to chronicles there are different types. The two types that are categorized by scholars are the dead and the live chronicles. Dead chronicles are events that happened in the past up to the point that the writer begins to write. Live chronicles are the recounts of events that are happening continuously such as newspapers and other media that report daily.

We have the literal chronicles that are mostly used in schools. Reading these chronicles can be very fanned for the reader whether you love fictional or nonfictional reading. There are works that are written and they are totally fictional which make you think that they are real. For some writing, this chronicles is a talent that they have but it is always important that you get even more knowledge by studying in the area. For people who write the live chronicles mostly it is very important that you go to these institutions. With the best teaching, you will learn how to write the chronicles in a very precise and understandable way for the audience that you wish to reach. The reasons why people write chronicles vary very much. The once who write chronicles will write them to get paid for the work. Others write the chronicles as a teaching tool. When you decide to write chronicles there are many benefits here are but some of them.

The preservation of culture is one of the advantages of chronicles. It is important for us to know just where we are coming from so that we know where we are going. The people who wrote about how people lived back in the day so that we can learn a thing or two. There were things that were not so good that with the chronicles we are reminded not to repeat.
Secondly you can use them to keep you occupied. Parents use this as a way to keep their kids occupied during school holidays so that they do not engage in unnecessary things.

The literal chronicles are used to strengthen the logical identity. A writer chooses a specific area to write about and this will open up the area to a lot of possibilities.

Why Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Why Aren’t As Bad As You Think